The 60's

7/21/67 - Born at the Air Force Academy Hospital in Colorado to an Air Force officer father and Registered Nurse mother
Family moved to Oslo, Norway
Sister, Cathy, born

The 70's

Attended Kindergarten at Oslo American School
Summer '73 - Family moved to Albuquerque, NM
Attended Osuna Elementary School 1st-4th grade
'74 - Acquired first camera
Attended Albuquerque Academy 5th-6th grade where I began my wrestling career
'77 - Acquired first 35mm camera
'77 - Set up 1st darkroom at home in extra bathroom
Family moved to Hanscom AFB in Bedford, MA

The 80's

Jan. '80 - Set up 2nd darkroom at home in basement
Attended Hanscom Middle School 7th-8th grade
Jan. '81 - Took photography classes at Middlesex Community College
Attended Bedford High School 9th grade
Spent summers in Canton, OH
Enrolled at Valley Forge Military Academy in Wayne, PA - The #1 Military Academy in the Nation
Family moved to Annapolis, MD
Graduated 1985 - National Honor Society, 3rd in academic class, senior non-commissioned officer
July '85 - Moved alone to Lubbock, TX to attend Texas Tech University
May '87 - Moved back to Annapolis, MD to attend University of MD
Vacationed in South Korea, Washington State

The 90's

11/24/90 - Moved alone to Lynnwood, WA to teach at Edmonds Community College
Married my beautiful and amazing wife, Kaori on 4/16/93 and had wedding for everyone 9/11/93
We got Buddy, the best dog anyone ever had in April 1993
Worked a lot and enjoyed the great State of Washington
Spent most vacations either visiting friends on the East Coast or having them out here

The 00's

Travelled to Las Vegas many times
Travelled to FL and the Bahamas on Royal Caribbean cruise
Registered business - Deadline Studios West. Named derived from Deadline Studios in the East owned by one of my best friends, Rob Bastian
April '04 - Attended World Poker Tour Championships at the Bellagio in Vegas in 2004
November '04 - We lost Buddy the best dog anyone ever had
January '05 - Travelled to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Covered a LOT of wrestling tournaments including Mat Classics, FR/GR regionals, Vegas Nationals and FARGO!!!
August '06 - Started
April '07 - Named 2007 'Wrestling USA' magazine National Photographer-Of-The-Year!
August '07 - Appointed to the Washington State Wrestling Association Board of Directors and named the Official Photographer for the state
January '08 - Became a contributing photographer for - the national wrestling photography website.
March '08 - Became a licensed auctioneer in the State of Washington and began performing auctions for our company - HB AUCTIONS
March '09 - Had my first photograph ever to be featured on a magazine cover - Wrestling USA Magazine.
2009 - Covered my fifth Mat Classic State Championship and fourth National Championships in Fargo
December '09 - Decided to indefinitely suspend my wrestling photographic volunteer activity due to financial and family concerns
November '10 - Decided to come back on a limited to cover the sport I love - is back!
January '11 - Spent a week in Tokyo, Japan with my wife and her family. Amazing trip!

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